1960s Shamshuipo view

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 21:43

On this image two ferries can be spotted. The right one should be at the former Shamshuipo ferry pier, but the angle doesn't seen to fit. Any better suggestions?

Regarding the date my guess is end of 1960's.

Date picture taken


Hi Klaus. 

On the right edge of this photo, the two large residential buildings on the right (starboard) side of the ship are still standing today.  You can view them on Google air photos.  They are on the north side of Tung Chau Street facing the water (now also West Kowloon Corridor), next to the spot where Boundary Street meets Nam Cheong Street.

I remember seeing this photo of Pei Ho Street (parallel to Nam Cheong Street) which has a view of Lion Rock - https://gwulo.com/atom/26237 .  So it is like back-tracking the line of sight on this photo.  The Shum Shui Po ferry pier was just one city block to the left of that open space where Boundary Street terminates at the sea.

Regards,  Peter 

You are very welcome, Klaus.  Those buildings on the far right, counting from the left are Boundary Building - the biggest, Fu On Mansion, and Tung Chau Mansion - smallest and just beyond the red object(s) area.  One map on the Hong Kong Ship Yard place-page shows the ship yard beyond the tip end of Willow Street which now is the start of Chui Yu Road.  So, the ship yard is at the right edge line of this photo.

The residents of these buildings at one time had unobstructed view of the sea, then new high(er) buildings came along, then this flyover.  Luck wasn't on their side I guess.  I walked by Hong Kong Ship Yard on Tung Chau Street only once in my life time.  But the memory of that brief street scene is what sparks my interest here.  Regards,  Peter