Image ID-possibly-Kadoorie brothers Boulder Lodge Mansion entrance-Tuen Mun

Tue, 06/20/2017 - 18:31 a request was made some time ago to identify the location on a film clip

possibly Kadoorie brothers Boulder Lodge Mansion entrance adjacent to Kadoorie Beach


The granite block construction of gate pillars and walls appear to be the same.

The drive goes up a hill in both images

The public road veers off to the right in both images, in 2014 to Kadoorie Pier.

My image was taken in November 2014

Date picture taken
15 Nov 2014


Correct.  This is the entrance to Horace and Lawrence Kadoorie's Boulder Lodge on Tsing Bik Street, Tuen Mun.   The pillar on the left by the gate has the inscription "Sir Elly Kadoorie" in 1930s Art Deco script.