Wanchai Foreshore 1860

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 20:23

Detail of a Panorama taken in 1860 showing the coast of Wanchai prior to the reclamation to Johnston Road in the 1860's

On the hill in the foreground is the Chief Justice's House with the Seamans behind to the left.

The large building complex in the centre of the picture is the St. Francis Xavier Hospital & Chapel. The walled enclosure behind it is the Old Colonial Cemetery (likely Protestant section) 

Top Right re the Matshed forerunners to Victoria Barracks

Spring Garden's, a once desirable location to live in the 1840s is on the foreshore in front of St. Francis Hospital. By 1860 the large houses have been replaced with Godowns and tenements


Date picture taken
1 Mar 1860