Noticeboard next to Peak postbox

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 21:05

It reads:

Colonial post boxes are among the "historical street relics" of Hong Kong. They not only witnessed the developments of the colonial period but are also a part of the collective memory of Hong Kong residents. Six sovereigns were on the throne during the colonial period of Hong Kong. But one of them, Edward VIII, reigned for less than a year, so no post boxes bearing his imprimatur were shipped to Hong Kong, thus only five types of royal cyphers are to be found on these post boxes.

About 1,000 post boxes now are in service in Hong Kong, among which 59 are colonial types. The oldest is the GRV Post Box marking the reign of King George the Fifth (Georgius Rex the Fifth) with more than 70 years of history. As the oldest post box in Hong Kong, it of course, has the highest conservation value among these relics of the colonial period. There are 50 ER II /Elizabeth II Regina) post boxes in Hong Kong, with one located beside the Peak Lookout. There is a need for a conservation policy to be established before these relics disappear.

Date picture taken
28 Oct 2016