Kwoka 國家 & Great Wall Film 長城 Studio's 1956 Map

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 08:48

Dear Readers, first, my apology for the oversight.  I didn't think David's 1956 street map would include Kowloon City but here it is, the portion concentrating on, among other places, the pre-and  post-war film studio's that once operated in the area.  Great Wall Film Studio 長城片場 (on map the Chinese words are read from right to left) is clearly marked here on the upper left corner, and so is the temple (red words and circled blue). Note the early residential buildings and their layout on the map.

Junction Road has been extended straight north except for a tiny curve which might have left untouched the building that once housed Great Wall Studio.  Note the orientation of the Great Wall Studio building relative to the current Junction Road.  Many thanks to you philk for your support.  I will next fine-tune its location marker.  Regards, Peter

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Nice find Peter. I'll try and get some decent pictures of the stone house for you and upload them. It's a shame the map isn't a bit mroe detailed because I think the remaining stone house is probably too small to have been included. Interestingly though it looks like the area where the studio was is also now part of the Munsang College extension.