1923 Hong Kong Golf in Fanling

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'The Hong Kong Golf Club is a private golf club, and is one of only a few in Hong Kong. It is home to the Hong Kong Open, a tournament co-sanctioned by the European and Asian Tours.

Founded in 1889 as the Royal Hong Kong Golf Club, the club originally played in Happy Valley, a location shared with many other activities. As the club expanded, the need for a more permanent home was addressed with the building of a small nine hole course at Deep Water Bay, before the club eventually moved to its current location in Fanling. The 'Royal' was dropped from the name of the club in 1996, in advance of the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China.

The club is one of the oldest golfing societies outside of the British isles.[2] It was started as the "Royal Hong Kong Golf Club" in 1889 by "thirteen golfing enthusiasts" in a shared location in Happy Valley. As the club expanded, a lease of land for a small nine hole course at Deep Water Bay was concluded with Hong Kong government in 1898. In 1903, the club obtained exclusive use of Happy Valley ground except for Wednesdays and Saturdays, when soccer and cricket were played. From the start, use by ladies was heavily restricted. And when the club gained exclusive use of Happy Valley in 1903, ladies were allowed to play on Sundays only.[1] According to the club annals, "protracted negotiations" with the government and local farmers resulted in sufficient land being obtained in Fanling, its current location, to build its first full 18-hole course that was completed in 1911.[1] The club paid a one-off premium to lease the land, and is widely believed to pay only a peppercorn rent annually. The first Hong Kong Open took place at the club in 1959.The club has two locations, and consists of a 9-hole course in Deep Water Bay,[1] and 3-course facility occupying 170 hectare (420 acre) of land in Fanling, most of which is leased from the Hong Kong government.[2] According to the club annals, the Deep Water Bay location opened in 1898; and the 18-hole Old Course was completed in 1911.[1] To expand the facility, in 1968, the club negotiated the lease of around 30 acres of land at Beas River with which it expanded the Eden Course into a full 18-hole championship course.[1]

Deep Water Bay, est. 1898 - 9 hole


Old Course, est. 1911 - 18 hole

New Course, est. 1931 - 18 hole

Eden Course, est. 1970 - 18 hole' from Wikipedia

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