HK abt 1916.jpg

Sun, 02/12/2017 - 18:04

Found this photo in family papers - Party believed to be at Hong Kong Police Recreation Club, Happy Valley Christmas or New Year 1916.  Can anyone confirm?

Date picture taken
30 Nov 1916


If you zoom in above the head of the man at the left of the front row, a sign above the doorway looks to read:


Which would confirm it as a photo of the Police Recreation Club.

Do you recognise any of the people shown?

Moddsey's link is the confirmation. The tall building with the three arches, in the background above, is just above half-way down the left side of this photo:

1910 Happy Valley Racecourse
1910 Happy Valley Racecourse, by christoph

The PRC was demolished in 1919 and a new building erected on the same site. The new club was opened on the 2nd May 1919 by the Officer Administering the Government, Claude Severn, in the absence of the Governor, Sir Henry May, who was Captain Superintendent of Police from 1893 to 1901.