1960s Hong Kong Policemen

Thu, 06/09/2016 - 07:18

Not sure of the location and date. Guessing 1960s. Comments welcome on the uniforms,cap badge etc.on the date.

1960s Hong Kong Policeman (Close-up)
1960s Hong Kong Policeman (Close-up), by Moddsey


Date picture taken


Appears to be a posed publicity photograph,Note the sharp creases ! One Sergeant and four Constables in rural working dress of the 1960's.Black cap,pre 1968 badge ( no Royal),starched cotton shirt and trousers,All have chromed buttons to shirt.Sergeant had ' red tabs ' (red backing to shoulder titles (HKP) indicating english speaker.Sgt wears black leather polished boots with black polished canvas gaiters ( actually gloss painted to save work ).Sgt has black leather revolver belt with ' snake ' fastening (widely adopted throughout the Empire and seen as far back as the American Civil War ) - tried and tested ! Constables wear black canvas belt with chromed sliders..Constables black canvas high sided rubber soled boots.Revolver worn in canvas holster on left hip,lanyard loose across to right shoulder,changed in early 1970's as a safety measure.Grey landrover,changed to dark blue in late 1960's,would have born Force crest on door panels.

These are New Territories Policemen wearing the then winter uniform of long khaki drill trousers & khaki woollen jumper. Urban police winter uniform was heavy weight, blue army-style battledress jacket & trousers.