'Maureen, Denny & Sheila with Amahs, Suffolk Road'

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 22:06

captioned 'Maureen, Denny & Sheila with Amahs, Suffolk Road'.  Sheila (Staple) my mother is smallest child on left, Maureen and Denny's surname was Maclean - I'd dearly love to date when they moved to this house in Suffolk Road (from Braemar Terrace I presume) and if it was before or after my grandfather Ken Staple was killed (16 Nov, 1931). I have no picture of him at the house but photos which may or may not bear his writing. I think the building hoarding says Baxter Construction but hard to tell as the photo is so faded.  The Macleans, including father 'Mac' Maclean, crop up in other pics but don't know the name of their mum. Looking at Google, can't decide if the houses are still hidden away behind Suffolk Road or long gone.   

Date picture taken


You can still find some of these old houses in Kowloon Tong, the district that Suffolk Road is part of. Unfortunately the house whose garden they're standing in was on the south side of the road (the hills in the background are to the north), and that side has been re-developed:

Looking at a couple of maps of the area (1934 & 1956), only the north side of Suffolk Road had houses on.

I suppose the foreground could have been a park, but it looks like the driveway to someone's house. If it's a house in the foreground, the photo wouldn't have been taken on Suffolk Road.

I will post a couple more pics - several have writing on back - usually my gran's - that this was their house at Suffolk Road ... perhaps another shot might help ... also one or two captioned 'taken on our lawn' - the plot thickens, pardon the pun ... 

Just wondering if the house in the old photo could have been on the northern side of the corner of Suffolk and Waterloo Roads, as Google streetview seems to show quite a similar outlook with Lion Rock in the right position and even a similar style of building (very new looking though) - however, Lion Rock seems much closer in the old photo, and doubtful whether the old place is on a corner block. I can't figure out how to put a streetview  screen grab into this message, I'm sorry.

thank you - I have already looked at  street view so will study again using your thoughts - also with the otheer pics I have that haven't had time to post yet - unfortunately they do seem to show it wasn't on a corner plot ...

I have 3 more pics of Suffolk Road House which may or may not help dating - also one of my mother, Sheila Staple, aged one, at Braemar Terrace - do I add these to Staple family gallery (can't see where I add them) or to this thread? 

Please upload the photos as you did before, but on the screen where you fill in title, notes, etc, look for Gallery and choose "1920s-30s Staple family's photos" from the list. Then when you click "Finish" the new photo is added to your gallery.

Once the photos are uploaded you have the option to add them into a comment. Here's how: http://gwulo.com/node/1929

Let me know if you run into any problems,

Regards, David

Having thought about it some more, looked at maps and walked by today, it has finally twigged that the house across the road in this photo should be 2 Dorset Crescent, as it is directly opposite the Macleans' house at 3 Dorset, and the 1950s map confirms this. I also think it is a different house from the other photo taken from the Macleans' front garden (which is taken on an angle). I will put my comment regarding that one, together with the relevant photo.

Hi Liz, blown away that all seems to have clicked into place - what a lucky break for me to have found you 'on the ground' , plus the help of Philk, Moddsey, David etc, all of which has come together step by step.  Thrilled! thanks all.   No worries abou the pic, I wouldn' t want to brave those security cameras and not worthwhile. Will look at the street view.   Look out for a pic of Mac and the girls which rather sweet and another building that might interest you.