Hospital Road 1870s

Tue, 05/24/2016 - 13:16

This later picture is taken from almost exactly the same place. Date is a guess, but I have other photos dates 1870s/1880 is these tones Also Burnside, (or Excelsior) seems to be missing,  there is a lower building in its place (I think this low building is actually Burnside and the larger two storied building seen in the later photo is Excelsior). Hospital and Bonham Road look rougher with lower quality retaining walls. Marlingford on Robinson Road is missing.


I am unsure what the whitewashed building in the centre of the picture is. It is on the the London Missionary Society Lot  and as it seems similar to other Mission House buildings I have seen so I have classed it as the Mission House. Happy to be corrected. This is where the Nethersole Hospital was later built but it seems The Mission House was completely demolished before the hospital was constructed despite similarities in style/shape between the two.  


The Building behind the Mission House is Beauregard. Then this currently unknown building is to the left of that. The Roof of the castle is to the left again. The Hut can also be seen on the skyline just to the left of Beauregard. 

The bunker like building on the centre right behind the tree is the water tank at the top of Pound Lane between Bonham and Hospital Road

There is a water main heading into Tai Ping Shan in the lower left of the photo.  

In the very top right of the Picture there is a building on the Peak. Does anyone know what it is?


Date picture taken