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Sat, 01/23/2016 - 11:33

I estimate this photo was taken 1960s.


“May Road is an intermediate station of the Peak Tram funicular railway line. It is located on May Road at Mid-levels, Central and Western District, Hong Kong, 180 m above sea level and is named after Francis Henry May, the 15th Governor of Hong Kong.


The station comprises a single platform on the western side of the single track. May Road passes over the tramway at the downhill end of the station on a bridge, with a passing loop at the Victoria Peak end allowing uphill and downhill trams to pass.


As the station is located in a high-income residential area which most residents have their own private cars, the usage is relatively low. The station is a request stop at which tram cars will stop only if passengers press the request button inside the tram compartment or at the station. No ticketing equipment is provided on the platform.”



Date picture taken


Probably taken in 1948 as shown here The transition from the old peak tram shown in the photo to the cypress green-coloured peak tram occurred in 1950 as indicated here


Thanks, you're right!!

Comparing with the photos below, I understood the difference.

Peak tram 1920s-1940s


Peak tram after 1950s

I like this kind of "progress" at David's site. There're numerous old photos on Hong Kong in the world,  but it 's nice to taste the photos one by one. And we learn much about old Hong Kong.