1954 Battle of Britain Day

Wed, 11/18/2015 - 21:42

September 1954, outside the Operations Block at RAF Mount Davis.

Presenting arms on Battle of Britain Day. The late C.O. takes the salute.

Date picture taken
1 Sep 1954


Hi Gerard,

Thanks for posting your pics.

I've visited Mt Davis numerous times in recent years. Nothing similar to the Operations Block now remains and I 'm having trouble visualizing where it once stood. Was it located on the north side of the Upper Site, i.e. turn left after reaching the top of the steep ramp? There's a large, flat, seating/picnic terrace there today but the remains of a brick building lie in the undergrowth at its eastern end suggesting there may have been other buildings on the terrace.



Notes from email. Gerard:

The upper terrace were kennels   for  about 6 Alsatians  our guard  dogs,  Two  large nissen huts  close by,   same  level,   Above  there was five aside football pitch,  lots of practise,   Latrines  and showers,  The large  Nissen huts  had ceiling fans and  we had mosquito nets   for  our  beds. 

The  cookhouse was at the bottom of the Ramp along with the MT (Motor Transport) section and NAAFI and more sleeping accommodation.


If you zoom in to the top-centre of this photo: http://gwulo.com/atom/13308, does that show the upper terrace with the small kennels on the right and large Nissen huts on the left?

At the left edge of the photo I can see part of a building with a flat roof. Would that be the Operations Block? I can't tell if it is on the same level as the two large Nissen huts, or lower down the hill?


Yes  that  looks like the  Ops Bldg.   The  two  Nissen  Huts were on the  same  level as the Operations Block and there was a small  Bldg. and Latrines and Showers,  front end of this  was a First Aid Room     these were  directly opposite the Ops Block.       Yes  your  minds    eye of Mt. Davis  is on the button.