Rev. Yuet Kai, 10,000 Buddhas Temple Shatin

Sun, 08/23/2015 - 04:00

The founder of the temple of 10,000 Buddhas, the Rev. Yuet Kai and I met briefly and we took each other's photographs.  His embalmed body now rests in front of the main altar.  Much of what I saw in 1958 was destroyed or badly damaged in a landslide in 1997. Since then the restoration work has been most impressive.

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Hi Andrew

Could I suggest that with so many images uploaded that you put in the subject heading something to differentiate between the images - eg: instead of just labelling ALL the subjects  'New Territories - Sha Tim'  - ADD 'Rev Yuet Kai', 'Budda' or 'Temple' or some such.  It would save a LOT of annoying tooing and froing - only to find one has already viewed that image. Also if one is particularly interested in a certain image it would make it MUCH easier to find !!!!!




Hi Suzie

Thanks for your two comments.  I'm pleased that you are enjoying seeing my old photographs, but sorry to hear that you are having some difficulties.

This is my first venture into adding things to a website and David has given me a lot of help.  At first my photos carried quite lengthy names but they were getting rather cumbersome so I opted to keep the image name as short as possible, basically just naming the area in which the photo had been taken and then elaborate on it in the description section as you will see on the photographs that I took in Tai Po Market.

I'm not sure on what sort of hardware/software you are viewing things but on my computer and iPad the set-up works in a way that should help you:

On the Gwulo:Od Hong Kong page  on the left hand toolbar>Directory>Images & Photos>View Galleries>Image Gallery>1950s Hong Kong>1957-8 Andrew suddaby's photos>Items per page>All>Apply.

All the photographs then appear as large postage stamp images and you can scroll down and enlarge whichever one you want to view in more detail.  I guess that you might already be doing most of this, with the possible exception of clicking on the All bit.

I hope that this is helpful. Meanwhile, I'll contact David and see what he thinks I should do about (re)naming the images.



Hi Andrew,

If I could choose any title for this photo, I'd go for the main topics shown, eg:

Rev. Yuet Kai, 10,000 Buddhas Temple

That helps differentiate between photos better than having several with the same name. 

But it's not a big deal - my main priority is to encourage people to upload photos, and so I'm flexible with how they type the information. I wouldn't spend a lot of time editing what you've already done, but something to keep in mind for future photos.

And a couple of tips for Suzie:

  • If you browse through the photos using the "Navigate gallery", you'll keep moving through them in one direction and so avoid the tooing and froing
  • Andrew's suggestion to view the whole gallery is also a good one. You can either follow his instructions, or go straight to:

Regards, David

And I also wanted to say a big thank you to Andrew for uploading all these good photos.

I looked at this one and thought it was an interesting shot, but only when I read the notes did I spot the camera in the Reverend's hand. What a great story!

Regards, David