Sun, 06/07/2015 - 20:09

This photo from the Warren family collection has no legend. It would be the same era as the photo of Veronica Walker's birthday party in the 1930s. The children may be other Broadwood Road children or from one of the schools. The windows of the house aren't the same as those of The Towers and the stonework isn't the same as Quarry Bay School. Is there a clue in the older boy's socks? Are they school uniform socks? The shoes may also help to date the picture. The children have borrowed their parents' pith helmets for the photo. The older boy's shorts look like hand-me-downs from the fact that they're tightly held up with a belt. Maybe someone may recognize a childhood photo of one of their grandparents.


Date picture taken


That stone pillar in the foreground is a lot marker, and would tell us where the photo was taken, except ... all we can see is the "IL", and not the number below it, which is the important part!