1920s-30s night view across Victoria Harbour

Wed, 06/03/2015 - 03:56

This photo is stamped Mee Fong Studio, No. 7 Wyndham St., Hong Kong and must have been taken back to England a souvenir of Hong Kong when my family left in 1938. It gives an interesting comparison with Klaus's 1970s photo across Victoria Harbour by night. Presumably the wavy lines are caused by car or boat lights on a long exposure. What is the source of the dazzling set of lights to the right? I thought the date of the photo would be 1930s, but I see that most of the Mee Fong photos online are pre-1930.


Date picture taken


Hi Jill,

Here's another similar view but in daytime and from the 1930s:

c.1935 View of Hong Kong from the harbour
c.1935 View of Hong Kong from the harbour, by David

I don't the Central Fire Station (1926) has been built yet in your nighttime photo, as just right of centre there's a gap in the line of buildings along the shore.

I'm not sure what is making all that light on the right of the photo either, curious!

Regards, David

Similar observations to David as I was struggling to find the Central Fire Station. A comparison night time view from the 1930s which shows the general area of the dazzling lights at sunset. Another way to pinpoint/locate buildings on the Central Waterfront at night is to make reference to the Lugard Road lights.

1930s Harbour Central Night View


Many thanks David and moddsey for the daytime and nighttime 1930s comparison photos across Victoria Harbour and for your comments. We should probably date the Mee Fong Studios photo at pre-1926 then. I've posted a couple more mystery views taken by my family in the 1930s. I have no idea of the reason for the photos and would be grateful for your opinion if you recognize what they're of.