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The certificate for the marriage of John Johnston Blake and his Mary Lyons on 2nd Oct 1893. Their ages are given as 23 and 22 years old respectively.

On the certificate his name is given as "Y. John Blake", but page 2 of the Hong Kong Telegraph for 2nd Oct 1893 uses John Johnston in the notice:


At the R. C. Cathedral, Hongkong, on the 2nd instant, JOHN JOHNSTON, second son of Wm. G. Blake, late H. M.'s Coast Guards, to MARY, eldest daughter of the late Henry Lyons, Esq.

I assume this is the J.J.Blake who formed the Unity group which owned matshed 4,5,and 6 with my grandfather John Olson and businessman C.E.Warren. This syndicate was formed about 1905 and culminated in the Derby Day fire of 1918. Any other information about J,J,Blake would be appreciated particularly if he was in other businesses with John Olson.