Pavilion rather than Pagoda-still exists in present day Guangzhou

Fri, 12/26/2014 - 23:35

Caption states the image was taken by well-known HK based photographer John Thomson in a location  that was later to become the New Territories.

Note-the posted caption location has now been identied as incorrect. See below.

Not an uncommon problem!!

Date picture taken
16 Jul 1890



Do you have any method whereby the corbel line might be enlarged. Can you also enlarge the stone engraving above the doorway and aperture above? I want to check out the Chinese characters with those on the Tsui Sing lau pagoda if possible.

The object has various characteristics of a pagoda. I wonder why this building was constructed? The roof looks pretty ugly. 

Notice the brick line in the forground. I wonder if this a wall or a very large pressure pad to support a heavy building?

Also notice the "ground" level. The hexagon shape has very large facing stones instead of the small bricks up to a guess height of about three feet. The same feature appears on the Funghuang pagoda.

Just below the first level corbel notice the engravings on each hexagon face.

Lots of similarities with Tsui Sing Lau and Funghuang pagodas but probably not either.


Your photo was very familiar. It came up while I was Googleling using the keyword 文塔. This Pagoda is in Guangzhou.…

It's location:

Very close to various sub-way rail stations.

It was declared a monument in 2009 and had been restored by Guangzhou City Government.

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