Operational low level

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 17:03
Date picture taken
19 Apr 1952


Harvard IIB,  registration FE677.  From 'Winged  Dragon' the aircraft was delivered in December 1950 and  handed over to the HKAAF in January 1951. Looks like taken near Round Island as seen here

Gordon Randall writes:

Somewhere along the line, years of certain events have become muddled to say the least !

Fortunately, I still have my flying log book and can refer to it. I was flying in Harvard 677 with 'Taylor' on 27 Jan.1951 so it could have be delivered in 1950. Taylor disappeared in a Harvard at a later date and never found, probably the sea. 

The photo in question was taken by a friend on a Macau ferry when I was low flying on 19 April 1952. Historically the 1950 given is wrong.

I've amended the date.

Regards, David