HK Peace 1946 First Day Envelop.jpg

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 02:53

I think I am sending this twice. I tried going to Contents/Image, but I was denied this process. I also tried sending a second image, but don't know where it went. Both were thumbnails and I wnated to alert you to that, but lost my connection. I feel quite frustrated at this time so I think I will just cool it off and re-study your instructions. Dave, let me know if you see any uploads from me.

Date picture taken
29 Aug 1946


Hi Bob, The photo above made it the website safely. It wasn't duplicated, and it looks good

Apologies again - the intstructions described the pre-upgrade process for uploading photos. I'be just re-written them to describe the new method, so hopefully they will make more sense now:

If anything isn't clear, please let me know.

Regards, David