Silvermine Bay 1952/53

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 21:51
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That looked like 梅廬 to me.  I would if it has something to do with Silver Mine Bay.  There was (and still are) are few old houses and so called village houses near the beach front after going past the Hotel and the restaurants.

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Googled 梅窩梅廬 and found this piece in Wen Wei Po back in 2008, with a photo showing the same sinage.  The piece was about the lot owner was putting it up on tender for approved Hotel/Resort development.  Don't know its status.

Confirmed it is Silver Mine Bay Beach then.   I have probably seen it decades ago.  Don't know if it is still there though.

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Dave W writes:

The structure above the second man from the left is "I think" this one which shows yours truly with David Henderson.

Silvermine Bay June 1972

We had just finished our 9 months Police Tactical Unit posting and were on a week's leave. The month is June 1972. Notice how the structure sits on multiple columns.

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I was there on 29th December 2015.  This is to confirm the site had been rebuilt.  It is still under construction but the buildings are in the last stage of construction.  The  sign is already gone.