Chai Wan,1954

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 21:46

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Fascinating photo of Chai Wan before reclamation and industrial development.

That is likely the village of Law Uk, with the cameraman looking southeast.  The slopes on the far side of the mountain would become a huge cemetery which is still growing in size today.  

Nowadays there is a museum made out of one of the surviving village houses.


The village is all the little houses ? The Sai Wan cemetery photo I also posted shows the other end of this village. A FB member where I also posted this photo called this place "Section One Resettlement area"

Doug you may be right.  I looked a little further into the information about Law Uk and find that it mentions the old Chai Wan as consisting of six different villages, scattered everywhere around the area.  It is therefore unlikely to be built in such an orderly manner.