1920s KCR Steam Train

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The steam locomotive is a Kitson 2-6-4 Side Tank (inside cylinders) beacuse I haven't see a cylinder. Well, There were two steam locomatives (Number 1 or 2) suited this case. This photo is in Shatin Station.

See Pages 111,131,178. Kowloon-Canton Railway (British Section) A HISTORY


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Follow by the 1st Reply. Page 117, write that(see kitsonkwang2012 reply):

Seven locomotives (five 2-6-4s and two 4-6-4s) were shipped to the Middle East to help the Allied war effort, there serving in Iran and the others in Palestine and Suez. By the time of the fall of Hong Kong......

Page 178,write that:


Therefore,This photo was finished by 1939 or before.

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Robert Phililips (whose excellent history of the former KCR (British Section) up to the early 1980s I have personally found most useful) is I consider correct in identifying the locomotive as one of the first two Kitson 2-6-4 side tank locomotives delivered in 1910 for main line work on the KCR.  The Kitson Nos 1 and 2 had inside steam cylinders with long side tanks, whereas the six subsequent similar Kitsons had external steam cylinders and shorter side tanks.  According to the 1933 annual report of the KCR (British Section), Kitson Nos 1 and 2 were both withdrawn from main line service in 1933 and thereafter used for shunting work.  

The carriages shown being pulled by the locomotive appear also to be of the first generation.  Originally they had white-wood bodies built by the Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Company, but the white wood had to be replaced by teak in the early 1920s because of extensive damage caused by ants.

My thoughts are that the photo might thus be earlier than the 1930s, possibly taken during the 1920s.


Mike Arnold

Company Secretary and Senior Manager-Administration

Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation