1969 Happy Valley / Causeway Bay

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:48
Date picture taken
1 Feb 1969


Hi there,

I could see quite a lot of old stuffs in the photo:

1.   The previous version of the Happy Valley Race Course.  You should be able to see a white strip slicing through the grass.  That was the previous entrace/exit to the lawn in the middle;

2.   The previous version of Sports Drive;

3.   The old Hong Kong Football Club Stadium;

4.   The HQ of the Volunteers right next to the HKFC Stadium;

5.   The construction site of the SKH Tang Siu Kin Secondary School, in the location of the flattened Morrison Hill;

6.   The AIA Building on Stubbs Road

7.   The previous version of Craigengower Cricket Club;

8.  The previous military version of the Leighton Hill;

9.  The previous version of Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter;

10. The neon sign of the then Daimaru Department Store;

11. The hotel building housing the old New China News Agency;

12. The Sikh Temple (next to the AIA building)

13.  The Tram Depot (now Times Square)

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Would really love a skyline image of the Daimaru Department Store neon sign that I grew up looking at from our balcony in Shiu Fai Terrace ( c. 1969).

Where abouts in the photo is this sign exactly?

I think you might be able to see the fuzzy Neon Structure of  japanese characters just slightly a bit up and right of the dead centre of the picture.