1970 Causeway Bay

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:45
Date picture taken


Hi there,

This photo brought up much childhood memory.  I am marking some observations and rememberance:

1.   The pavilian by the left is long gone and replaced;

2.   The white building building with windows was a library of the Boys & Girls Clubs & Associations;

3.   If you view the original size you should be able to see the chimney of the HKE North Point Power Plant popped up from behind a factory building;

4.   The factory building mentioned in point 3, if I'm not mistaken, was a candy factory;

5.   The Causeway Bay Magistrate was visible in the photo, just far behind the tram in the foreground;

6.   If you pay attention to Victoria Park, you should be able to see there used to be soccer fields there in the location where present day concrete soccer playgrounds are located;

7.  The photographer appeared to be standing on the steps of the footbridge, which is still there today;

8.  In the photo by the very right there was a traffic pavilion;

9.  The boundary of the Army's playground is visible in the photo;

10.  Squattered areas of the Tai-Hang area is visible in the photo;

11.  The Red Sedan with the white top shown behind the tram was a member of the famed Mercedez Taxi fleet;

12.  Many of the older buildings shown in the photo are still there today;

Best Regards,