Buxey Lodge - Caine Road

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:43
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I remember the original Buxey Lodge very well. Rather oddly, I was then living in the present Buxey Lodge at 37 Conduit Road from 1980 to 1982 (Flat 29, 10/F). My wife and I would often walk down Castle Road and Aberdeen Street, usually to Wing On Department Store pushing our eldest daughter in a push chair. And we would pass the original Buxey Lodge. It was quite a striking building, empty and in an obviously fragile state. One could see internal shoring. Perhaps the most striking feature was the multi-coloured, leaded-light window panes.

Back then we never realised that the two buildings were connected! 

I have looked in vain for a photograph of the second of the three buildings called Buxey Lodge. I mean the first one at Conduit Road. Has anyone seen one? 



The present building at 37 Conduit Road is the third building to have the name of Buxey Lodge. The first building was in Caine Road at the corner with Aberdeen Street. The second and third buildings have been on the same site in Conduit Road.

When we left the third Buxey lodge in 1982, it was then a block of non-departmental flats for civil servants. I am not sure of its present status, but it is still clearly run and maintained by the Govt.

The name Buxey comes from Sir Hormusjee Naorojee Mody, of Mody Road fame.. As a race horse owner, he called himself Mr Buxey I believe. He was a Parsi, therefore very unlikely to have been a freemason! I have never heard of any freemasonry link with Buxey Lodge.




I lived as a civil servant at Buxey Lodge on Conduit Rd from 1979 to 1985. Not aware of any masonic connection at all. But I do recall in the early 90s an old govt file crossed my desk regarding properties seized by the HKGovt from the Japanese after the surrender in Aug 1945. The site at 37 Conduit Rd was mentioned--so presumably that is when HKG built govt quarters on it (almost identical to those at 1 Conduit Rd, called Chater Hall) and called the block Buxey Lodge.