Martin House

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:39

1919 - ?

Date picture taken


The left half was replaced in 1955 with "Alford House" and "Ridley House" 1962.  Both these houses are to be demolished for an extention to the Central Hospital - while the older buildings are to be protected.

Upon relocation of the existing offices to the new Central Government Complex at Tamar by end-2011, the CGO buildings will become vacant. Based on a recently-completed heritage consultancy study, the Main Wing and East Wing will be preserved for appropriate adaptive re-use, which shall be compatible with the original design and respect its previous function as the seat of Government. A free-standing office building for the Department of Justice is a very suitable use.

The West Wing, which is of low historical significance and architectural merit, will be demolished to make way for commercial development. Part of its present footprint will be redeveloped as a garden to preserve the existing greenery. Appropriate height restrictions and public access requirements will be imposed for any future development.


The New Tamar building was always intended so they could sell off Govenment land- yet continue to rent massive amounts of office space nearby.



LecCo - 1937

I do not know whether it is proposed to develop by building the site of the former Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank houses in St. John's Place, but I venture to express the hope that this is not the intention.

I agree with what I understand was our late Governor's, Sir Andrew
Caldecott's, view that such development of the Battery Path and Garden Road area would be vandalistic commercialization of what should be one of the most beautiful parts of Hong Kong. (Applause).