kennedy terrace

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:35

here's a great shot by hk man showing kennedy terrace and its survivors of 6-8 kennedy road.

comparing with this photo which the govt dates to 1890, the terrace and its railings look stil to bel the original. what do you think? Though I'm confused by the existence of the slope and building on the right


Source: This image came from Flickr, see

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Hi there,

I don't think they are of the same slope.  The one with the man walking up seems to be at the very back of it.  If you refer to a street map, even a modern day one, it should show Kennedy Road making a curve towards Garden Road, which matched the photo (with the man walking up at the back).  The slope shown in the then & now photos was obscured by the curved terrace.

My 2 cents.


I actually lived in Kennedy Terrace from 1976-79 before being transferred to Bangkok. I lived on the ground floor Apartment at the far left of the Terrace and The Peak Tram used to roll right by my dining room windows. The picture is absolutely accurate. The exit road from Garden road (Where I got my only ever ticket in Hong Kong for driving across the Kennedy Road left lane access after the white line prohibited it!) is shown and I used to turn right then make a U-turn up the ramp exactly as shown. The building to the right at the botton of the ramp was a garage where I used to get my car (A Blue Reliant Scimitar, a large engine on wheels with a fiber glass body and quite unusual in Hong Kong) serviced there. During the week, I would walk down the hill to my Office in Queens Road Central by walking down and round below the Governor's Mansion then down some of the old steps onto Queens Road. The picture brought back a lot of memories and I can absolutely verify its authenticity.

Hi Philipat,

I believe I grew up in the exact same apartment you lived in between 2000 and 2011; the listing for the building we both lived in (Kennedy Terrace - 20 Kennedy Road [1971- ] | Gwulo) should more correctly be titled Kenne Mansion. Just before my family moved out, I just so happened to be riding my scooter down to the other end of the terrace at the moment the excavator toppled the last remaining wall of Lodge on the Park - 4 Kennedy Road [1988-2011] | Gwulo, and I think I might still have a chunk of it somewhere, unless it got mailed as a memento to friends of my family who used to live in that building before they moved to Singapore. Also, I remember that you could shortcut directly to Garden Road from that end of the terrace by vaulting over the barrier and walking along a narrow ledge high above the basketball court; my family did this often, even carrying me when I was little.