Dairy Farm Building - Fringe Club

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:35
Date picture taken


from a friend:

"when this was still the Dairy Farm building, they posted the 'flavour of the month' outside.  After the Fringe Club took over, one of their banners peeled away and you could still see the last "flavour of the month" ad behind.  I wonder if it is still there, hidden behind another sign".


Now renovation work has begun, there is a chance to uncover relics that might have left from old Diary Farm days. Was there ever an ice vault? When was ice stopped being imported to Hong Kong? Had Lake Wenham ice ever used or advertised here?

None of the photos show the bas relief name of the building in elegant large scroll like letters where the entrance used to be facing Glenealy but it vanished when the Fringe Club took over. It read Dairy Farm & Ice Cold Storage Co Ltd I seem to recall. Is that just covered up as well? Or gone forever?

Was business so good that they added an extra storey when they remodelled it in 1913? And how did they get the ice blocks from the Harbour to the Dairy Farm Bldg -- using ox carts? Or did they manufacture the ice next door (Ice House Street)? Must fish out my book on the history of the Dairy Farm.

I notice the present name of the Foreign Correspondents Club wasn't even mentioned in this article, or did I miss seeing it?