The Belvedere

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:32
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I had a memorable stay here in the summer of 1992 when it was occupied by friends Sue & Tim Brennand. He was Head of Shell. The house had a beautiful garden with a croquet lawn. I loved Hong Kong so much that I returned 3 years later having qualified as a Registered Midwife to work at The Matilda Hospital!

Hi there

I have attached a photo from a family photo album of my great great grandfathers house which was called Belvedere House.  I was wondering if the property still exists and/or if it has been pulled down what the current address of it would be.  He was Chief Justice in Hong Kong in 1902 - 1904.

I am visiting Hong Kong later this week and would like to take a walk up the Peak to find out where his house was.

Any information gratefully received.


Loved seeing this picture. I lived there from 1978-1983 when my father (Sam Osmond) was working for Shell - and loved it.  Sensational views of the Harbour and an absolute privilege to grow up there. 


Hello everyone, thanks for your responses.  I tried to make the trip up in a taxi back in March when i was over but after 40mins of solid traffic up to "the Peak" we gave up on our mission.  However for those interested, i will upload some details from my GGGFathers auto-biography, called "Reminiscences of a Colonial Judge"!!!  

His name was Sir W. Meigh Goodman - i have a copy of his autobiography and found out he built the original house, so i'll dig out some info on what he says about it....