Kowloon 1958 Bars, Restaurants and Night Clubs

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 00:55

Reverse side of the Bombay Restaurant Bar Card. This card also shows the location of Whitfield Barracks, Shamrock Hotel, Golden Gate Hotel, International Hotel, Grand Hotel, Palm Court Hotel, Peninsular Hotel and the Star Ferry Terminal. 

Date picture taken


Does the 'Cornwall' refer to a hotel, a landmark, or a street?  I can see no Cornwall road or street on the map today at that spot, or was it scratched by some sort of development in the intervening decades?


Cornwall Avenue was obliterated when the K11 mall was built.

Edit: the space that the 'avenue' occupied is still there (kind of) but is now enclosed under a glass awning and incorporated into the external space of the mall.

Thank you very much Phil.  Not only do I not know gwulo Hong Kong, I don't seem to know the modern landscape very well either!  I have been through that covered area many times before, not knowing there was a road that existed prior.