Rev Frank Short

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Rev Frank Short is mentioned in the post about Helen Walker Wylie's wedding in 1936 - and here he is in 1931 (standing in the back row) with the Committee of Kowloon Union Church. I do have names for most of those pictured, and if anyone is curious, will happily post them.

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Deep embarrassment! Struggled to upload this photo and don't know why it's come out upside down. Any technical wizards able to right it? If not, I can have another go (or you might try standing on your head to view it?,)

Do you have the name of the gentleman in the dog collar in the front row? A long shot, but I'm trying to find information on the Rev John Turnbull Cook, who married (and divorced) one of my Hong Kong cousins. The marriage would have been about 1933.


Thank you, everyone, for your messages asking for names to be put to the faces in this picture. I’m deeply embarrassed to realise how long it is since I posted the photograph - my only excuse is that, in the meantime, I’ve completed a 2-year college course; been involved in some heavy-duty voluntary work related to my former profession, and undertaken two house moves (my mother’s, and my own).... however the family photos etc are now with me, and accessible, so thank you for your patience, and get your paper and pencils ready!

My late aunt identified the people in the picture - my apologies if she’s got any of the names wrong.

Back row: A H Gardner, Rev Frank Short (China Inland Mission), J J Cornelius, D Gow, Mrs D Harvey, Robert Taylor [my grandfather] J Provan, John Revie, Mr Ingram

Front Row: Mrs Forsyth, Mrs Groundwater, George Leib, Rev Horace Johnston, Mrs Johnston, Mr Warren (Canada), Mrs A Lang*, Mrs Nelson


* I can’t quite make out my aunt’s writing here - I think it’s ‘Lang’ though it might possibly be ‘Long’


Hope this helps!

Dear Jane 

Thank you so much for sharing this photo and these names with us here.

My name is Maggie Mathieson and I am currently serving as one of the pastors here at Kowloon Union Church.

The Church has recently been declared a monument and we are trying to collect as much information about her story as possible. If you would have any other photgraphs in your collection and would not mind sharing I would love to hear from you.

My contacts are or

Thank you once again for sharing in here and looking forward ot hearing from you.



Revd. Maggie Mathieson

Sorry, to take so long to post in the group - Yes this photo was taken on the property of Kowloon Union Church. The photograph was taken in what was a small garden /play area between the Church Hall and the Manse Building. The low roofed block you can view behind the people we believe was the Servants Quarters and the wet kitchen area.