Kowloon Union Church [1931- ]

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Notes on the building's history here.


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Thanks for this interesting snippet of information, moddsey. As it happens, green and white were the racing colours of my grandfather, C.E. Warren (1872-1923), who used the racing name "Mr Towers". In 1931 my uncle, Leslie Warren had taken over the management of the company and was taking on interior design as a part of his projects. I don't know whether green and white still held special significance for him as a C. E. Warren company hallmark.

Moddsey, how very kind of you to take this photo for me. It’s lovely to know that there are still bits and pieces designed by my family - here a marble floor; there a manhole cover - surviving in present day Hong Kong. The green and white chequered floor looks almost brand new. Thank you!



Dear All,

My name is Maggie Mathieson and I am currently serving as Minister in Kowloon Union Church. 

Last year the AMO announced that our wee church has been declared a monument! Due to the Japanese occupation and other things we are unfortunately very low on archives surrounding our church's story.

I would like to make an appeal to anyone who are members of this group to share any photographs or family stories with us here. 

You can reach me at maggie@kuc.hk or maggienudnik@gmail.com 

Thank you all 

Revd. Maggie Mathieson

hi there Phil,
thank you for your well wishes.
The Manse building is graded but not included in the Monument status.
We renovated the manse building a few years ago and it is open To the public Mon ~ Fri from 12 noon to 2pm . There are odd days when it is not open to check on this you can find us on Facebook under KUCspace.

thanks again