Marksman unit

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 00:16
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Some reps came to RHKP in-door range PHQ Arsenal Street and tried to sell the force bullet proof vests. Such vests are made from Kevlar thread which is very strong. A single thread of which can be tied to a 1000cc motor bike and hoisted aloft. Anyway a vest is made by cross weaving these threads into a sheet and sheets are put together into a blanket of various thickness, so a bullet proof vest actually catches the bullet because the bullet cannot penetrate the Kevlar. However the wearer has to be careful of the bullet energy punching into the vest if it is near to your skin, ribs, bone as the punch thro the material can kill you, break bone etc. Trauma injury. You stop this by placing ceramic plates inside the vest which absorbs this trauma energy so you dont. ANYWAY the rep turns up and demonstrates to Al Chimino the Force Ballistics Officer (PHQ 5th floor (penthouse?)) Al calls me and Bill Duncanson for the demo. The vest is placed onto a white colour Dummy and shot at. The bullet proofness is shown. The Marksman Unit then produce a 9mm round that we used (Swedish special HV ) and fired. When examined our 9mm has gone thro the vest front and rear. This vest was replaced and a vehicle engine stopper .44 mag. is fired. The effect was magical. The black vest on the dummy shot at and the dummy instantly turns white. The black had gone. When inspected it was seen that the kevlar sheets had captured the bullet but the force of the hit was so strong it actually pulled the whole vest INSIDE the dummy. Needless to say the rep went with no orders. But it goes to show the interesting effect of ballistics.

The 9mm we had use of had a special design. The curved line from the bullet nose to the straight side is called the Ojive. A round cone shape. Ours had a small nipple on top of the rounded cone. A sort of small nipple on a nipple and this shape together with the designed speed of this 9mm actually made the bullet weave its way thro the kevlar of a bullet proof vest instead of being stopped or caught by the threads. This design was also incorporated in the Russian issue Makarov pistol and used to advantage by the Spesnaz units. Thats why SAS had to re-design their vests to cope with this unusual bullet shape when their vest let them down and troopers were receiving wounds that they shouldn't have. All good fun. 

Who remembers the time Mr. Morley brought the Miss Universe Comp. to HK. with all the glamour, press and LIVE world TV. It was of great interest to everyone esp; a HK based communist terrorist group intent on publicity. The idea. Shaddow the Miss Universe group and learn their ways. Easy because if one of them blew their nose it was in the press. At the night of the big comp. LIVE on world TV arrange a violent demo outside as the girls were arriving on the red carpet, at the same time blast 1000's of propaganda papers into the air from the building roofs around the venue at the same time an armed invasion into the main stage and a live TV broadcast to all and sundry with the promise of a nice hostage situation. However the whole MU unit was about some inside with the cast and TV's and some outside with the SB and CID who did their own raids. Thro very good intel, the printing press was found and confiscated, the projectiles on roofs were rendered safe and the operators detained and the armed group ambushed some distance away from the site. Quick detention, no one shot, all members rounded up. The show went on without interuption.  Later it was suspected that a rival terror group who got jealous because they couldn't match the audacity of this venture were the ones who informed police what was about to happen and where what was sited and so on. Good quick work by local and SB detectives. The show ended and Miss Israel won which led to other problems as I later had to render safe a device sent to her. Thats how we were introduced to Mossad HK but that is a different story.

May I direct the reader to the Meat for HK story part of the MU stories. It shows the variation of call-outs the RHKP had to deal with during the course of its duties that the public wern't even aware of. I will try to attach a story to each of the photos to add interest. If not done now then all the stories will be lost.