Luke - Coghlan wedding, 1936

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:46

Clipping from page 7 of the Hongkong Daily Press on 13 August 1936. Mentions:

  • Mr John Reginald Luke married Miss May Coghlan
  • Wedding was solemnised at Mody House, Kowloon, on 12 Aug 1936
  • Rev. H. C. Davies officiated
  • Given away by Mr B. Wylie
  • Bridesmaids were Miss Sheila Hayes and Miss Anne Fowler
  • Mrs B. Wylie was Matron of honour
  • Mr Norman Stockton was best-man
Here's a photo of the group:
A wedding picture in August 1936
Date picture taken
13 Aug 1936