On Lan Street Central-Looking towards Zetland Street

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:43

HKG 1960s Mike's photos

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Henry Ching writes:

I think this is also On Lan Street, looking towards Zetland Street.

Mike’s photos are fascinating, and I particularly like the several unusual shots of the Diocesan Boys’ School.

It was many years ago but i do remember going out and taking these photos.As i lived on kowloon i seldomed went to the island,certainly not to take street photos.Im pretty sure this is Mody Rd as i used to go round that area,Minden ave,Prat ave,Hanoi st. etc quite alot.My favourite eating place was the Malayan restaurant Minden ave.Sorry to disagree but thanks for all the advice&comments everyone ,glad to have added to Gwulo.

Regards Mike


i am sure this is not mody road, mike.  i knew the road well from 67 on as it was where our school tailor, wah sang, was located and bob's gift shop where every girl i knew bought all kinds of accessory (bangles, earrings, go-go watches *tat*) for years.

first it is not wide enough and mody had parking metres on both sides.  second if you looked down mody road to the west you would see the hyatt on nathan in front and looking east, you could see the harbour over some nissen huts 

having said that, i don't recognise the street either

Vanessa, you are probably right....not big enough so could be Minden avenue,the Malaya restaurant would have been on the left just out of picture.Im sure its in that area.


This is 100% On Lan Street, my parents had their business here at 15 On Lan Street. 1-3 were Wah Tung Embrodiery, 5-7 was another embrodiery company, 9 was Mode Elite, 11 was Faith Shoes, 13 was East Asia Trading Co., 17 was Chun Sang Hong and 19 was Chong Man Hong. The buildind at the end of the Street abutting Zetland Street was AIA Building, later redeveloped to New World Tower.

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