Group HK Police Kowloon 11 Apr 1956

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Front row:

# Name Identified by
1c Si Wai-ming Lawrence Tsui / Moddsey
1d Detective Chief Inspector DS Roberts Stephen Roberts
1e ASP FONG Yik Fai Chinarail
1i W. Segrue 1314
1j George Wright-Nooth Chinarail
1l P T Moor Chinarail, 1314
1m Paul Grace Lawrence Tsui, 1314
1o Anthony T Shelley Moddsey
Date picture taken
11 Apr 1956


5th from the left in the front row is a much decorated (with medal bars) FONG Yik Fai, then probably an Assistant Supt. ( I cannot see his epaulette badges of rank clearly) . I was first 'introduced' to Fong (by way of saluting him) when he was Commandant of the Police Training School in 1965. I attach another photograph of Fong,  then Senior Superintendent, at a passing-out parade of police inspectors  in February 1966. This was not long before he retired. Fong was a very interesting character, who had served in the police (as an inspector) in pre-war days. At the time of his retirement , I think he was the force's most senior Chinese officer.


HKP Sen. Supt. FONG Yik Fai

He was ASP in this pic with 3 pips on his epaulette and a silver border on his visor. He was the 1938 2nd batch of 10 Chinese Inspector (Sub Inspector on probation) same batch with my former girl friends father (who retired in 1973 reaching only CIP). (or may be the first batch of 3 Chinese Inspectors of 1937 ?). He was the ranking Chinese Officers after ASP Tsang Chiu For was deported to China.


He retired in Vancouver and passed away there. My Late father also knew him well and they sometimes hunted together in NT in early 1950s.

Thanks for confirming that I had identified Fong correctly and also for the additional information about him. Could you please also add his name in Chinese characters for the record.

Perhaps you can also recall what you were told about his pre-war service and during the Japanese occupation ? ( for instance, did he continue serving in the police or join a military aid-group in China?)

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11th. from the left in the front row is, I'm pretty sure, George Wright-Nooth Q.P.M (1917-2002) who retired from the police force in 1971 as Deputy Commissioner of Police (Administration). In the above picture he appears to have Assistant Commissioner rank insignia on his shoulder epaulettes. Click on this link for an obituary of Wright-Nooth in the  Daily Telegraph dated 15 Aug 2002. There are also Gwulu posts about him.

Sorry everyone, I have changed my mind on this identification (below) . Although he has some similarities with O'Sullivan their age diffrences do not reconcile.

(7th. from the left (front row) , Initially I thought this was Mathew O'Sullivan, who was later  Divisional Superintendent of the Frontier Division from 1965-1968. This identification has been made on the basis of a comparison with another photograph of O'Sullivan published in 1966. See here below :-

For the caption of this photo please see the direct Gwulu link by clicking on this picture.

HKP - Superintendent Mathew O'Sullivan

Seated just right of centre , wearing the white suit, might possibly be Christopher Dawson (can anyone confirm?). Dawson, who later became Deputy Commissioner of Police, was awarded an OBE and QPM. After his retirement to England he became ordained as a priest. Father Dawson served St. John's Church  in Sevenoaks as a non-stipendiary priest between 1986 and 1998.


After a consulation with David Tolliday-Wright (DTW)  , I have changed my mind and no longer believe this is perhaps Dawson . The main reason for the change of opinion  is that I had not studied the following group protograph in winter uniforms (which  predates the this one by a few months) . After looking back at various 1970s publications I now suggest that the figure in the suit might be P.T Moor, whose picture also appears in the winter photograph ( Feb 1956). Sorry for jumping the gun.


 Venue - The compound of the then Kowloon Police Headquarters on the east of Nathan Road.

Segrue at 1 I, ( on the right hand of God ( G.A.R W-N))

P T Moor at 1 L, Paul Grace at 1 M ( interestingly improperly dressed by not wearing the ribbon of his GSM Palestine medal,he having served in the Pal Police.


Sorry, there is some confusion here. I had earlier suggested that the man in the civilian clothes ( now marked as 1k ) is P.T Moor . We have a disagreement on Moor's picture , so can anyone come to the rescue?


P.T. Moor Deputy Commissioner of Police










P.T. Moor upon retirement c.1976


The man that I suggest (along with other commenters) is E. P.Grace is at 1m.  In between these two men at 1L, I suggest is A.E. ( "Ted") Shave , I  but would appreciate a second opinion .

Several of these officers also appear in the following photograph..... which just to confuse matters was taken a few months earlier than this picture, although at the same location.

I have changed my mind about the identity of 1g, who I had earlier suggested was O'Sullivan.  David please my earlier reference to this man. ( Sorry)

 I have added some additional names in a separate post below as well as adding names to second photograph, which shows many of the same officers wearing winter uniforms.

Henry Ching adds his vote to 1l for P T Moor, and adds:

Moor was at one time a traffic policeman on a motorbike, and was well known to all Hong Kong drivers at the time – if you had the misfortune to come across him on the road you could be fairly certain of getting a ticket for something.

His ' repaid ' promotion might be better expressed as rapid.

His commendation was for his zeal in crushing the tram workers strike.No seals were injured in this action ( that we know of ! ).