Lok Ma Chau 1946

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:38

A photo taken by my late father in 1946 of the Chinese Border whilst in Hong Kong with 44 Commando Royal Marines.

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Nothing much better to do on a Friday night than to browse through Gwulo.  Coming across this photo and trying to align with the hills and river on Google Map.  Is it reasonable to say that the camera looks more or less directly north across the border into China?

Greetings, I think the same.  Google photos show a river with similar curvature and orientation just east of what I believe the original border crossing.  Like many old photos, this one shows the distant fields and hills.  Perhaps the air quality and visibility were better then.  I like to compare then and now at ground level but it is difficult to locate Google ground views that are not obstructed by vegetations and buildings.