Happy Kid Baby Water

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 21:51

I found this by chance, and it describes the trademark mentioned recently in this thread about this photo. It was issued to the Grand Dispensary. They were based in the China Building, one of the buildings in the photo.

The original document is on HKGRO.

Date picture taken
13 Sep 1935


David I am impressed with how fast you can come up with information on 'Baby Water'.

It still doesn't say what the Water claims to do.  I have searched both the Chinese and English names on the web and come up with nothing.  Same with 'The Grand Dispensary Limited'.  I guess this says more about my skills in digging up HK history more than a lack of information.

Given the fixity and prominence of the sign, and the location of the dispensary, can we infer this was likely an expensive product?

Well, I'd love to claim it was by skill, but it was pure chance. I was looking at a document on HKGRO, noticed another one called 'Advertisements', and clicked it out of curiosity. And there was the logo you'd just mentioned recently!

It is clearly visible on all the pictures of the China Building we have. I'm not sure if the sign says much about the price of the product though. You could probably see large signs for Coca Cola around town at the same time.