List of Prison Officers in 1940

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:13
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Dear David,

you are right. It's from Blue Book.

BTW, I have another list titled "RETIREMENTS, DEATH, ETC" which was copied from HKU Library.  It's 45 pages, listed most of the HK Govt Senior Officers died during wartime or left the service post war.  (pls see attached Willcocks, James Eugard).  Haven't checked through the upload yet, don't know if you have this collection.  I may upload here.

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Willcocks, James Lugard

Have started doing some research into my maternal grandfather William Dedear as my mother was never forthcoming on him and there are no pictures of him.  It is fascinating to see him recorded here and add a little more to his life,

Thank you for posting.