Prince Hotel

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:51

Any idea where this hotel was located? Thought it may be end Boundary/Prince Edward and Argyle Streets near old Kai Tak Airport.

The photo came from a group of photos of Kowloon in the following link.

rgds - Michael

Date picture taken


The Prince Hotel was located at the junction of Ma Tau Wai Road and Argyll St near the Kowloon City Roundabout. It later became the Sek Wai Sin Restaurant in Kowloon City in the 1970s. I have the same photo. It was taken during the late 1950s during the redevelopment of Kai Tak Airport and the construction of the reclaimed Kai Tak Runway.

the hotel was where prince edward and argyle met - you can even see kgv top left.  ma tau wei is off shot to the left