Fei Express into Kowloon from Canton - New Territories in background

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:41

Looking north-east from Signal Hill, across Chatham Road.

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The express train service between Kowloon and Canton comprised four daily trains and were given the following names:

a) 'Fei Chin' - Flying Arrow,

b) 'Fei Ying' - Flying Eagle,

c) 'Fei Lung' - Flying Dragon and

d) 'Fei Sing' - Flying Star

The express train service was halted in 1938 due to Sino-Japanese hostilities.

1935 KCR TST Train Station

1930s TST KCR Train Station (Fei Express)



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Interesting to see the development of the open areas adjoining Chatham Road and the KCR storage yard. I am not sure of the tented areas as yet - military or otherwise. The open and vacant grounds in between were called the Kowloon Football Grounds which I think the Kowloon Football Club did use.

More photos of the development of east Tsim Sha Tsui from the 1930s: