View Looking Downward from Jardine's Lookout Yr 1946?

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:36

View looking downward from Jardine's Lookout. Is it 1946 Government Stadium??

Date picture taken


Hi Lolau,

If you see sharp photo of Hong Kong that is square-shaped and dated 1946-7, there's a very good chance it was taken by Hedda Morrison. High-resolution copies of her photos are available online - click here for details.

If you find the hi-resolution copy of this photo there, please let us know if it answers the question about what which stadium we're looking at.

regards, David

Hi there,

That was Morrison's photo alright.  And just as i recognized, it was showing the Race Course.  There is actually a series of photos taken on the same spot while the camera was pointing to other directions.

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Hi there,

Go get a decent map with contour line/terrain shown clearly for comparison.  Google Map should do, but if you could get one of those 1:10,000 maps of the area it would be even better.

The pass in the middle of the photo, if you compare it with a map, would be where present day Tai Hang Road meets Broadwood Road.  Tai Hang Road goes behind the bluff, snaking its way towards Stubbs Road.  

The So Kon Po valley  isn't even in the photo.  The fields as shown in the foreground were most likely part of the present day upper class Jardines Lookout residential area.

Morrison was very likely walking along Sir Cecil's Ride when she took the group of photos.

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