Alexandra House 1950's

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:31

A photo of Alexandra House in the 1950's taken by my father

Date picture taken


Dear Alison,

Thanks very much for posting these photos, and also for getting such good detail on the scans.

I made a couple of minor edits:

  • Changed the 'Places Shown' to have the 1950s version of the Alexandra Building, instead of the 1976 version
  • Added in the Chartered Bank, which is the scaffolding in the background.
  • Changed the date from 1950 to 1957 - a guess based on the state of progress for the Chartered Bank building.

Regards, David

Thnks David - I remember the building well, in fact I am sure that the company my father worked for - British General Electric Company - had an office in the building at one time.  You are probably right with the date of 1957.  I just put 1950's as I was certain it was in that decade !