Royal Naval Hospital

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:20

What is this building ? 

Date picture taken


The buildings are associated with the Royal Naval Hospital on Hospital Hill in Wanchai.

The photographer is looking down at Hospital Hill, suggesting that he was on Morrison Hill before it was dug up in the 1920s and used for the Wanchai reclamation.

Compare with this photo:

Regards, David

Ah, now this is an interesting viewing angle on the hospital.

On some of the early maps of HK in the Hal Epsom book, indicate 'The chief Justice' house located behind the Royal Naval hospital and overlooking the harbour.

So I am guessing the building in the midddle may well have been former residence?

It has a certain grandeur, and prominance overlooking the harbour, reminiscent of the Old Bela Vista Hotel in Macao.

However I also note if you open the link photograph above, there is still another residential looking building further to the right of the picture, which might also have been the original Chief Justice Residence?

I think some portions of the old revetment wall visible here below the dwelling are still to be seen at the entrance to Wanchai Park



Hi Julian,

I don't think we can see the CJ's house on this photo. If you look at plate 3-5b in Empson's Mapping Hong Kong there is a cluster of buildings just north of the hospital, marked "Surgeons Quarters". I guess that's what we're looking at here.

Regards, David