Victoria Barracks 'Popsi'

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:04
Date picture taken
28 Jul 1954


    Popsi is obviously a nickname so that would make sense.  Wonder if anyone remembers the netball or basketball area?


the 'popsie man' was a generic name for those men on bicycles who had ice cream etc packed in dry ice and a small selection of dried fruits and sweets.  later they appeared with vespa bikes.  their key places of business were outside schools :)  back in the 70s they were largely sponsored by dairy farm but there were other ice cream and popsie makers doing business too - names fail me :)  in the winter they would park next to the fishball man who sold 3 balls on a toothpick for fifty cents - lunch top up :)  good days!!

   Thank you for the info re the popsie man.  It seems as if this one had access to Victoria Barracks,  no doubt new arrivals from the UK would have appreciated an ice cream or some such thing.

Pleased to have reminded you of good days.


  I have now found the negative of this view which gives the location as 'B' Block in Victoria Barracks.