Army Housing site. Dills Corner Camp 1975

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:02
Date picture taken
1 Jun 1975


Hi, I lived at Dills Corner in 1975 and went to Sek Kong school, My form teacher was Mrs (Miss) MacDonald. I remember the bus trip in vividly (and a Ghurka driver called 'trailer'?). I was there when the boat people arrived. I was a member of the Dolphin swimming club at school and went to the Judo Club at Sek Kong too. Does the name Elton sound familiar?

I lived there 78-80 and worked at 660 Sqn AAC.  The quarter were mixed junior and senior ranks from all Corps and Regiments serving in Hong Kong.  I had mates in Queen Own Highlander, Army Air Corps, Royal Engineers and RAF.  We also had a successfull football team and a healthy drinking team with the Dills Corner NAAFI club.  Alan was the manager of the little NAAFI shop there.  We also produced and sent out a newsletter to all quarters on site.  Happy Days........



We lived in dills corner for over 2 years with the 16/5 the Queens royal lancers it was a wonderful place for the children haveing a small nursery and club to get drinks and meals grass to play on swimming pool and sun bathed on the roof mixture of different regiments all socialised together !!!

Hi, I lived in Dills Corner in block 11,flat A. Miss MacDonald was my primary school teacher for my 3 years there, my last 3years of primary school. I also was in the swimming club and did judo. I played in goal and they used to call me Rubber Duck, because my name is Puckey, kids hey.

Lived here from 78/81. Used to run youth club with Nick Carter.Anyone remember Typhoon Hope and the eye being directly overhead.Also the Gurkha Goat curry was fabulous on camp.

We lived there for 3 years or so, RMP my youngest son was born there in 1974 was a great time I think we lived 19 Dills corner as you turned into  the main street  we were right hand side block before the last. I remember thinking the birds chirped late in the evening, apparently it was the bats.

I remember the NAAFI and the swimming pool. and laughter in the mess. I remember a family named the Fletts lived opposite, also the Fullers RMP, the Eltons, RHA possibly ot maybe REME