Army Housing site. Dills Corner Camp 1975

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1 Jun 1975


Hi, I lived at Dills Corner in 1975 and went to Sek Kong school, My form teacher was Mrs (Miss) MacDonald. I remember the bus trip in vividly (and a Ghurka driver called 'trailer'?). I was there when the boat people arrived. I was a member of the Dolphin swimming club at school and went to the Judo Club at Sek Kong too. Does the name Elton sound familiar?

I lived there 78-80 and worked at 660 Sqn AAC.  The quarter were mixed junior and senior ranks from all Corps and Regiments serving in Hong Kong.  I had mates in Queen Own Highlander, Army Air Corps, Royal Engineers and RAF.  We also had a successfull football team and a healthy drinking team with the Dills Corner NAAFI club.  Alan was the manager of the little NAAFI shop there.  We also produced and sent out a newsletter to all quarters on site.  Happy Days........



We lived in dills corner for over 2 years with the 16/5 the Queens royal lancers it was a wonderful place for the children haveing a small nursery and club to get drinks and meals grass to play on swimming pool and sun bathed on the roof mixture of different regiments all socialised together !!!

Hi, I lived in Dills Corner in block 11,flat A. Miss MacDonald was my primary school teacher for my 3 years there, my last 3years of primary school. I also was in the swimming club and did judo. I played in goal and they used to call me Rubber Duck, because my name is Puckey, kids hey.

Lived here from 78/81. Used to run youth club with Nick Carter.Anyone remember Typhoon Hope and the eye being directly overhead.Also the Gurkha Goat curry was fabulous on camp.

We lived there for 3 years or so, RMP my youngest son was born there in 1974 was a great time I think we lived 19 Dills corner as you turned into  the main street  we were right hand side block before the last. I remember thinking the birds chirped late in the evening, apparently it was the bats.

I remember the NAAFI and the swimming pool. and laughter in the mess. I remember a family named the Fletts lived opposite, also the Fullers RMP, the Eltons, RHA possibly ot maybe REME



Hi I lived in 19A Dills corner with my mum dad sister and brother the Flett family we lived there 72-75 my dad was RA. I went to Sek Kong primary school. I remember the years we lived there as good years hoping to go back and revisit at some point 

Sorry to report that the last remaining houses at Dill's Corner were demolished a few weeks ago. They have been removed to make way for part of the "Northern Metropolis" development.