Temperance Hall

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The China Mail of April 17, 1876 (p.2)

Temperance Hall.

Under the presidency of Admiral Ryder.

The building is situated in a very central position, in Stanley Street, just behind Messrs Falconer & Co. premises ...

Sleeping accommodation for some twenty persons is provided on the upper floor, the charge for which is merely nominal;  and this dormitory possesses more of the advantages of fresh air and good ventilation than is commonly to be found by seamen on shore.

On the middle floor are the billiard-room and reading-room, there being but one step between the recreation of the one and the quiet instruction of the other.

Various newspapers and periodicals are already to be seen on the reading-room table, but there is a scarcity of books as yet for the formation of a library.

A game of billiards is charged for at a moderate rate, and other games are to be supplied gratis; while it is intended that lectures and miscellaneous entertainments shall be given occasionally.

The ground floor is occupied with the bar and dining-room where "meals, tea and coffee, &c," may be had at rates as reasonable as they can possibly be made.

Lavatories and other offices are cut off from the main building.

the entire arrangements will be under the immediate superintendence of an experienced European, who will again be under the orders of the committee of Management.

.. no alcoholic liquors are permitted to be used on the premises by the existing rules ...


Date picture taken
17 Apr 1876