Queens Road Central near D'Aguilar Street 1924

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 21:43

Not too sure about this caption as a building is across the end of the street. IDJ

Date picture taken


I think the photographer was standing just a little bit west past D'Aguilar Street, so the caption is ok.

In the distance we can see a gable with a round mark in the centre. That's on Jubilee Street, overlooking the southern facade of  Central Market.

There are a couple of English signs:

  • The shop in the right foreground as Madame Flint, described as a "millinery establishment" in the contemporary press.
  • "Loong Sing", see sign upper left foreground, which the newspapers said was at 48 Queen's Rd Central

My greatgrandfather bought 77 and 81 Queen's Road Central in 1917 and 1919. He lived in 77 until he died there in 1930. He seems to have been a merchant on 5 Bonham Strand in 1918. I see you have a photo of 9 Bonham Strand and this one of Queen's Road Central. Does anyone have any other photos of these areas during the 1920's which I can have permission to use? Also does anyone have a street map from that time so I can see what happened to Bonham Strand and U Yam Lane as they don't seem to exist in the current layout? I have just found your amazing map of all places so think that answers my question about a street map.

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Bonham Strand sill exists as it was. U Yam lane was a small back-lane between Lascar Road and Queens Road Central, containing 6 tenement houses. By the 1920s the lane had been cleared and replace by a latrine block, likely due to its insanitary conditions being a risk for plague. Today the site is part of the Midland Centre, 328 Queens Road Central.