1990s Tai O Pier from Tai O Police Station

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 21:26
Date picture taken
1 Jun 1996


Other RNCWS were at Black Point, and Port Island in Tolo Channel. In the 1990s traces of the Port Island facility were still visible, and the radar calibration responder was still on Peng Chau Island, in a collapsed state. 


What is "RNCWS"?

Yesterday I was at Port Island again, and after several visits am still wondering what was there.

- the remains of a pier are visible

- a concreted path and steps, very well built, that leads to a hilltop and beyond. The path is partly overgrown (bypassing trails have formed), and the end of the path is unreachable - next time maybe I should bring a friend that knows how to yield a machete :)

- a concrete construction that looks very much like a water tank in the middle of a stream

- a concrete platform-like construction with four bolts sticking out in a square pattern, the pattern suggesting some kind of pole was erected here


My strong suspision is that this is pre-WW2 British military built - based on the type of concrete that I've seen in other military sites, and the overall high quality of construction. I'd love to hear more about what was here!

Thanks. I had the feeling already it was some kind of observation post, considering the location. Tried to Google the acronym but no results.


Were this automated (e.g. radar based) or permanently manned (with people keeping watch) facilities? Any further information - especially the Port Island one? I'll visit that island again in October, hosting another tour then, would be happy to make some photos of the current situation. Also I'd love to know what the various ruined structures could possibly be.